About Us

Our History

When state funding, which provided social workers to the Meridian (now West Ada) School District, was eliminated in 1997, school counselors and resource officers joined together to identify families in need and provide them with food assistance.  Their efforts grew into a fully functioning food bank by 2002 with regular food distribution to support hunger relief in the Eagle and Sar communities. 

Over the years, The Eagle Community Foodbank has operated out of many different locations including schoolrooms, a storage unit and a cinderblock shed before finally finding their current home on State Street, on the East side of the Customedica Pharmacy building. 

Although the foodbank has gone through many changes over the years, what has remained constant since the beginning is the strong commitment to "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".  

Our Mission 

Completely independent from the Idaho Foodbank, the Eagle Community Foodbank is 100% funded and supported by the generosity of individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and organizations such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and National Honor Society. 

The Eagle Community Foodbank is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity which provides food assistance to 50 to 75 families per month or 150-200 individuals in Eagle and Star.  The only requirement to access the foodbank (in addition to completing a brief demographic sheet) is to live in Eagle or Star.  

A team of volunteers manage and staff all of the day to day operations from picking up food donations, sorting, cleaning and distributing food to organizing food drives. We have a wide range of volunteers with different talents and experience who all share one common goal of helping their fellow neighbors. We also have patrons who volunteer as a way to "give back" to their community and lend a helping hand to their neighbors.   

The Eagle Community Foodbank